Why You Should Book Hotel Apartments in Mankhool [Updated 2023]

12 November 2020

The discerning traveller who favours staying in more quiet areas will love Al Mankhool. The charming locale is set within the historic district of Bur Dubai and promises a tranquil stay set away from the bustling crowds that are known to flock to Dubai. Although Al Mankhool is largely residential, it is home to some of the city’s most popular restaurants as well as many of Dubai’s banks. And, naturally, the Bur Dubai neighbourhood is set within throwing distance of some of the tourist destination’s top attractions like Dubai Museum, BurJuman Mall, Jumeirah Beach and the world-renowned Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Al Mankhool is arguably one of the best places to explore everything that Dubai has to offer while still providing a peaceful respite to recharge after a day of adventures.

Whether you are visiting Al Mankhool for business or pleasure, you will need a place to stay. Traditionally, one would seek out a room at a central hotel. While hotel rooms are perfectly fine for short stays of one to three days, they were not designed for long-term visits. No one wants to spend a week or more in a cramped room living off room service or eating every night. Fortunately, there is an alternative option – hotel apartments. 

The Savoy Hotel Group offers four individually-styled boutique hotels located in and around Al Mankhool that provide a home away from home feeling on your long-term trip to Dubai. Our serviced apartments promise a comfortable yet luxurious stay that will keep a smile on your face from the moment you arrive through to checkout time. 

So whether you plan on staying a few days or a few weeks, a serviced apartment is always the better option. If you are still not convinced, let us give you a few more persuasive reasons as to why you should book hotel apartments in Mankhool:

Prepare your own meals

As previously mentioned, Al Mankhool is home to some of Dubai’s most popular restaurants. We do not doubt that you will spend a lot of your time dining out and indulging in the gourmet meals on offer. However, going out for every meal can become tiresome and costly – and we all want a home-cooked dish every once in a while. Hotel apartments are fitted with a kitchen and dining facilities so that you can prepare your own gourmet meals just the way you like it in the privacy of your own space.

Comfortable Stay

Hotel apartments are specifically designed to accommodate travellers who plan to be in Dubai for an extended period of time. Standard hotel rooms, however, are geared toward those who are seeking short stays. They are not comfortable to stay in for longer than a couple of nights, especially without a kitchen, convenient laundry facilities or adequate space. Hotel apartments offer all the comforts and necessities of home while still managing to retain a luxury hotel standard and feel.


Hotel apartments tend to be more flexible with their rates than standard hotels regarding the duration of stay. The longer you stay in a hotel apartment the cheaper it will be and on average they cost 30 to 50% less than traditional hotels. On the other hand, you can rack up a hefty bill when staying in a hotel room for weeks on end, especially when you are reliant on dining out or room service rather than being able to prepare your own meals. 

Home away from home

Arguably the biggest reason you should book hotel apartments in Mankhool is for the comforts and feeling of home you’ll have throughout your visit. These luxury accommodations are designed to be comfortable and provide a home away from home for travellers. Separating the kitchen, living and bedroom areas makes the suite feel more homely and less like you are living out of a suitcase. After a day of business meetings or exploring the city, there is nothing better than unwinding in a space that truly feels like your own.  

Full hotel treatment

Serviced apartments offer the best of both worlds. You will feel right at home throughout your stay while still having access to the luxury services and amenities offered by hotels, including concierge services, room service, daily cleaning, swimming pool, fitness centre, onsite restaurant, roof deck and more. 

Centrally located

All four of Savoy’s properties are ideally located in and around Al Mankhool. This section of Bur Dubai is close to many of Dubai’s top tourist attractions, including theme parks, museums, malls, restaurants, beaches and the iconic skyscrapers the city is known for. 

Access to public transportation 

When staying in the Al Mankhool neighbourhood, you will have the convenience of easy access to public transportation. The area is well-serviced by two major metro stations linking to the green and red lines – both of which are within walking distance from all four Savoy hotel apartments.

To reserve your accommodation at one of our hotels today, contact Savoy properties at 800-SAVOY or +971 4 355 3000 or email us at suites@savoydubai.ae.


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