Hotel Apartments in Dubai an Alternative to Airbnb

26 September 2019

Airbnb offers some truly amazing opportunities to travellers all over the world. Not only are the listings typically more affordable than that of a standard hotel, but the properties also tend to have more personality. Guests can network with the Airbnb hosts and learn more about everything from where to shop to what to eat.

But as amazing as Airbnb has been, it’s no longer allowed in Dubai. Unfortunately, too many people have taken advantage of holiday home locations, causing a record number of complaints to city officials. The good news is that this ruling doesn’t have to stop you from finding the right place to stay. If you’re looking for hotel apartments in Dubai that will serve as an alternative to Airbnb, you have options to explore.

The Advantages of Hotel Apartments in Dubai

Just because Airbnb has been banned, doesn’t mean you can’t find a similar (or even better) experience. Hotel apartments offer many of the same amenities that you can get in an Airbnb plus more. With an Airbnb, you’re unlikely to have access to 24/7 security. If your plumbing or electricity suffers a hiccup in the middle of the night, you can call the front desk immediately instead of having to leave a message for the Airbnb host. If you need someone trustworthy to watch your kids because you need to sort out work crisis, you’d likely have a hard time arranging that through your Airbnb.

The Best Hotel Apartments

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Airbnb, Savoy Hotel Apartments was recently ranked number one in the 2019 Travellers’ Choice Awards by TripAdvisor for Best Bargain Hotels. TripAdvisor is the largest social travel site in the globe and enjoys a stellar reputation within the travel community. With millions of people on the site and millions of more reviews of everything from hotels to city attractions, the website has become a trusted source for just about everyone. Savoy Hotel Apartments was voted number one over hotel brands with better name recognition because we offer more to our guests than they ever expected.

Hospitality Like No Other

When you stay at Savoy Hotel Apartments, you get everything you need, right when you need it. We cater to all kinds of travellers, and our staff takes pride in fulfilling even the smallest of requests. Whether you’re a businessman who travels every week or a parent who wants to take a staycation with the kids, we’ve got you covered.

All four of our locations are in Bur Dubai, making it convenient to get from your room to practically anywhere in the city. Take our complimentary shuttle to La Mer during the day and relax with a Jacuzzi soak at night. If you need babysitting because an emergency meeting popped up out of nowhere, all you have to do is let us know. Use our kitchen to taste the local flavors (and save a little extra money).

Faroukh Sunny, the Group General Manager, makes it his mission to ensure that all guests get the luxury they want at prices they can afford. There’s nothing second-rate about the level of service you get at Savoy Hotel Apartments. If you’re looking for hotel apartments in Dubai, you don’t have to compromise your budget to get the amenities and services you crave.

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