The Difference Between Standard & Long-stay Hotels in Dubai

02 October 2020

One of the biggest hurdles’ individuals are faced with when planning a lengthy trip to Dubai is what kind of accommodation to book. If your stay is short and consists of one or two days, you probably won’t put much thought or effort into finding the most suitable accommodation as you won’t be spending much time in your room anyway. But if you are planning a long-term stay of a week or more, it is best to seek out an accommodation that is not only modern and stylish but comfortable as well. In days gone by, hotels were the only option. Today, however, business and leisure travellers are spoilt for choice when choosing where to stay on their extended trips.

We highly recommend booking a stay in a serviced hotel apartment as it offers everything one would need when spending a few weeks or months in Dubai. You might be wondering what sets a traditional hotel room apart from a serviced apartment. Here, we will explore the differences between standard hotels and long-stay hotels in Dubai.


There is no doubt about it, hotel rooms in an extravagant city like Dubai are of the highest standard and are sure to be a delight to spend a few nights in. And this would be great for one or two days. But when travelling for an extended period of time, living in a small, cramped hotel room can become frustrating and start to feel a bit claustrophobic. Sure, large suites may be available, but they come at an exorbitant premium. On the other hand, a hotel apartment offers on average 30 to 50% more space than a typical hotel room and can provide extra bedrooms when travelling with family or a small group. You will have much more room to work, relax, spread out and live throughout the duration of your stay.

Kitchen Availability

It is uncommon for hotel rooms to include a kitchen – you would find a kettle and minibar refrigerator at most. When staying in a serviced apartment, you will have access to a fully-equipped kitchen that can be used to prepare homemade meals and store grocery items and beverages. It is unlikely that you would have the energy or money to dine out for every single meal while in Dubai. This alternative enables you to prepare your culinary masterpiece exactly the way you like it for a cost-effective, comfortable night in.

Furniture & Equipment

Most hotel rooms provide little more than a bed, bath, dresser, wardrobe, desk or small couch (if you’re lucky). Serviced apartments are fully furnished with all the creature comforts you would find in your own home, from a state-of-the-art entertainment system to pots and pans – some serviced apartments even provide an in-unit washer and dryer.

Length of Stay

A typical hotel room is specifically designed for short stays. Whereas serviced hotel apartments are geared toward travellers whose trips span a month or longer. Standard hotel rooms are not comfortable to stay in for a long period of time, especially without a kitchen, convenient laundry facilities or adequate space. Serviced apartments offer all the comforts and necessities of home while still managing to retain a luxury hotel standard and feel.

Cost Differences

Price differences between a traditional hotel room and a serviced apartment come into play when the duration of your stay is taken into account. Staying in a hotel for weeks on end can rack up a hefty bill, especially when you are reliant on dining out or room service rather than preparing your own meals. Serviced apartments are more flexible with their rates and are cheaper the longer you stay.

Services & Amenities

Serviced apartments offer the best of both worlds. You will feel right at home throughout your stay while still having access to the luxury services and amenities offered by hotels, including concierge services, room service, daily cleaning, swimming pool, fitness centre, onsite restaurant, roof deck and more. The best part? Wi-Fi is almost always included in the cost of a serviced apartment while many hotels offer it as an extra charge.

Location, Location, Location

Hotels are typically central and convenient in location, usually near major attractions or airports. Serviced apartments have the advantage of being located in nearly any residential area within a city. This caters for every type of traveller, from the person who loves to be in the middle of the action to those who prefer a quieter stay set further back from the city’s hotspots.

Traditional hotel rooms might be good for a short-term stay, but when travelling to Dubai for extended leisure or business trips, there is no better choice than booking yourself into a serviced apartment.

Savoy Hotel Group offers several individually-styled boutique hotels in central Dubai. Our luxury hotel apartments are located near some of the city’s top attractions and business centres and are the perfect place to put your feet up after a day of sightseeing, shopping or business meetings. The Savoy Group’s “Heartfelt Hospitality” promise ensures that guests are treated like royalty from the minute a staff member welcomes them in right up to check-out time.

Whether you’re in Dubai for business or pleasure, you can’t go wrong by booking a long-term or a short luxury stay at one of Savoy’s four properties. To reserve your suite today, call 800-SAVOY or +971 4 355 3000 or email us at


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